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The Pryce of Freedom

His family was murdered, his father abuses him, and the only family he has left is his brother. According to Pryce, happiness didn't exist. Chances at life were slim. That's until he receives a message from his supposedly dead mother. He escapes from his father's clutches and makes a journey to find his mother, all while having a bounty on his head.



Hello, thanks for coming to our site. As you might know - though I have no idea how you would - we are a group. Although we do work by ourselves some - maybe - this is a story were the whole way through we are going to be working on it together. . . unless one of us dies. . . Oh yea, FUN FACT: every 5 pages we're going to switch roles on who does what.
Pages 1-5 is
Writer: Annie Storm
Art: Pyupew
Coloring: Pyeri Rose
Thanks for reading :)! -Pyeri

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Fun Facts

Pyeri designs this site while Annie designed the tumblr

We switch roles every 5 pages

Pyu drew the banner :)

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